For many, the 70’s were a time for reflection, the release of the HQ Holden and sun, surf and sand. But for the special few that know differently, it is mostly remembered as a time rich in opportunities for the eager, willing and hard working, as well as those not minding the good old fashioned elbow grease that gets you there.

Bobs Journey

Young Bob

When one is ambitious, big things are always going to be inevitable. In 1976 the late Bob Clancy started out as a hard working mobile mechanic, with the business name of R.J. & S.C Clancy Mobile Repairs. His typical day comprising of rocking up in his Holden HK ute spanner in hand and ready to fix trucks in his customer’s yards. His main customer at the time were Hollymans in Parramatta, NSW.


Clancy's is born

It was only to be two years later in 1978 that Clancy’s Mobile Repairs Pty. Ltd. was finally born as a company in their own right and becoming a member of the Motor Traders Association seemed the next logical step, which is precisely what they did. It was disheartening to say the least when just a year later a representative from the same association turned up with the surprising news that they did not approve of mobile motor mechanics, further advising them to facilitate a factory outlet instead which they immediately did, hence fostering their first ever prominent location in Cox Avenue, Kingswood, NSW. With the new stamping of a concrete business postcode came their first ever apprentice as well as a qualified mechanic with it, which ultimately set the wheels in motion for the following stage.



Things flowed steadily and so well in fact that they began to bubble and flow out and over the cup as the saying goes, hence commanding a larger business residence to support progressive success which landed them in Phillip Street, Kingswood, NSW. The employment of a full time office girl and extra mechanics on board were an integral denominator in making it possible to meet the needs of their newly appointed contract with C.I.G otherwise now known as BOC.


Land secured

Bob’s wife Sheila goes on to tell us how lucky they were to have such a great bank manager at the State Bank in Penrith in 1985, whom after taking a special interest in their business, totally encouraged them to buy a one acre industrial block in Batt Street, Penrith, NSW. Following his assurance that it would be a good move they went for it, moving in after building their factory in 1986 which merged with their successful appointing as a Mack dealership so business was on the up and up. They remained a Mack dealership until 2013 and although they are now a Western Star dealership they still offer the same service for genuine Mack parts as well as the impeccable service to all customers.

Sheila then says “We worked hard, or should I say, my late husband Bob worked hard, I was always hands on with the business but I was lucky enough to be able to work part time, as we had three children by this time.” Things got very hard after that, interest rates sky rocketed right up to eighteen to twenty percent, so there were some weeks that they didn’t dare to draw wages for themselves, just to be absolutely sure that they could pay their staff. As if things weren’t bad enough, it would have been a major kick in the guts when a supposed best friend who worked for them for over ten years was caught stealing from them at a grand total of over three hundred thousand dollars! Yet still, even in the face of friendship and employee treason, they miraculously survived.

Sadly, no matter how tough your integrity and survival skills may be, there are some things in life that can’t be survived. In 1999, Bob kissed his family goodbye to attend a Toyota Fishing trip with his mates, unknowingly for the last time. On this fine June day, the sun was shining and the water was crystal calm. The guys found themselves a cosey position on the rocks accordingly to set up their lines with no promise of a record catch but expecting at least a well deserved and awesome day out together. No one saw the freak wave coming, it hit the rocks like a mini tsunami silently out of nowhere, taking Bob with it and to the horror of his onlooking friends, drowning him without intention, yet with the mindless and unapologetic force you can only expect from mother nature herself.

Just as a captain sinks with it’s ship, with only the choice to sink or float, Sheila chose to not only float but power stroke through the storm by pushing ahead rather than shutting up shop thereby throwing away all that Bob had worked so hard to achieve for so many years. Sheila says “I was extremely lucky to have good, supportive customers who admired what I was doing in Bob’s name and I wanted to show Mack Trucks that I could run the business” Bob had always constantly insisted that he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in business without Sheila’s ongoing input and support. She smiles and goes on to tell us “he was always the go getter and I was the one that had to calm him down at times and I guess I wanted to prove to him up in heaven that his faith in me would strive the business to success."

Sheila really enjoys working with people in the transport industry, she says they are as hardworking and loyal as they come as well as mostly being down to earth and always good for a chat session. She says generally if you treat them right, they will treat you right.

If Bob is watching he couldn’t be prouder. Business has progressively flourished over the years constantly on the up and up, so much so in fact that Sheila appropriated a proposal to obtain The Western Star Dealership which to her delight was accepted in 2009. Sheila adds, “this also meant that I didn’t have all of my eggs in just one basket.” This meant now that they were an authorised Western Star Dealership including parts and service and it continues on to today. Sheila says “Western Star is a good and well known product that has been in Australia for over 30 years and I am proud to be associated with such a product as I see Western Star as only getting stronger with proactive ownership being under the hands of Roger Penski in America.

Clancy’s Truck and Trailer Repairs has become a renowned icon in the trucking and transport industry and Sheila doesn’t see it as just due to all of the hard work that she and her late husband did to build the business. She’s adamant that their success is to the credit of having such good staff on board, as well as the supportive customers over the years who like to deal with her being a local business.

Clancy’s Truck and Trailer Repairs currently employ 16 good, hardworking people and the business has virtually doubled in size consisting of 3 mechanics on day shift, three mechanics on night shift, and three apprentices. Greg Hunt is their Service Manager. There are 2 full time interpreters and delivery driver in spare parts and three office staff including Sheila herself. The workshop runs two shifts, one from 8am until 4pm and the other is 3.30pm onto 11.30pm at night. They are an authorised heavy vehicle station, which is like music to a truckies ears because it means they’re able to clear defects in the workshop as well as carry out light vehicle inspections for under 4.5 tonne GVM rated trucks.

Their objective is fundamentally the essence of all that encompasses their ideals and thereby separates them by miles from any competition. They prioritize customer needs with a personal touch which entails having the customer speak one on one with the mechanics who will be working on their truck as well as with Greg the Service Manager to ensure all of their needs and problems are properly met at all levels. A customer walking into Clancy’s Truck and Trailer Repairs can expect a one stop service shop experience. For these guys it’s all about quality of work and not quantity and getting the driver back on the road with the highest of efficiency and minimal downtime. If a driver brings his truck along with a list of defects such as driveline issue, leaking exhaust mainfold and a cracked windscreen, Clancy’s Truck and Trailer Repairs can cover and repair everything and if something can’t be fixed on site, they outsource it to ensure minimum downtime for the driver and less hassles for all involved. The beauty is also that they can clear any defects online for drivers which saves them another trip to the RMS so it’s happy days all round!

The workshop carries out minor and major mechanical work such as customer and fleet servicing, replacement of clutches, brake and suspension work, engine rebuilds, electronic engine diagnosis and even replacement of truck chassis rails. They can diagnose Eaton Gen II and Gen III and Ultrashift transmissions. They can and will carry out any work on absolutely any brand of truck a customer rolls in with. Their spare parts unit is enormous with over $600,000 worth of parts in stock on hand ready to go so you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get the spare part required on the same day where needed.

Some of these spare parts include Adblue in 5 and 20 litre containers, Western Star and Mack Truck merchandise. Brands commonly used at the workshop are Caterpilar engine oil and coolant, Detroit Platinum Series engine oil or Caltex Delo 400, Castrol J Max, Castrol Tection, Detroit Powercool Coolant, Fleetguard Adblue and the list goes on and on.

The lunchroom for their customer drivers is welcoming and comfortable. Coffee and tea making facilities provide a well deserved break and a spot to sip where the workshop is within view should they wish to watch the work getting done. Nearby too are some really great cafes and takeaway food shops if a snack or a mega feed is on the cards.

You can be expected to be treated as a person and not just a number too, Sheila knows most of the drivers and customers by first name and to her and her staff everyone is valuable and important and as if things couldn’t get any better they also offer 24 hour/7 day a week mobile breakdown service. They have a fully equipped ute that usually get called out for breakdowns in the Blue Mountains, Mt. Victoria, Lithgow, Windsor and the Parramatta area. The rates are great and are available between 8am and 11.30pm Monday to Fridays.

You may have even seen Clancy’s Truck and Trailer Repairs at the Penrith Working Truck Show. They have virtually been a major sponsor since the inception a good 32 years ago. Like other sponsors, Clancy’s Truck and Trailer Repairs firstly went in as a trade stand, later to become a principal sponsor to help The Museum of Fire help local communities and other worthwhile causes and charities. Sheila has an enormous respect for the amount of work that goes into this event and what they achieve alongside providing families with a great day out. As well as this Clancy’s Truck supports the Disabled Christmas Party at Rosehill.

Sheila’s heart and soul is in the trucking industry and to the people that are involved in the industry. She even supports work experience programs so that young kids have the opportunity to give it a shot.

Clancy’s have been in business for 41 years and in 2019 were appointed a Detriot Dealership.


Sheila Clancy

Dealer principal

sheila@clancys.net.au / 0247315809

Cherie Coghlan

Accounts department

cherie@clancys.net.au / 0247315809

Jodie Stark

Accounts Department

jodie@clancys.net.au / 0247315809

Steven Harris

Parts Interrupter

steve@clancys.net.au / 0247315809

Greg Hunt

Service Manager

greg@clancys.net.au / 0247315809

Dean Rixon

Spare Parts Manager

dean@clancys.net.au / 0247315809


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